May 26, 2010


Hot Tips for Summer Haircare

-Perform deep repair treatments with hair cuts to protect and repair sun-damaged hair.

-Heading to the beach or the pool? Don't rinse out your conditioner. Leave conditioner in hair for maximum protection and extra moisturizing benefits.

-Protect your hair from sun damage at the beach or pool by applying REDKEN AFTER SUN SOLAR SCREEN or SPARKLING SHIELD with spf 12, leave in conditoner.

-Thoroughly wet your hair before getting into the water at the pool or beach. This will help avoid absorption of pool or ocean water.

-After swimming in the pool or ocean, shampoo hair with REDKEN AFTER SUN shampoo to clarify hair of colour-damaging chemicals and salt.

-Minimize breakage and gently detangle by spraying AQUAGE hydrating mist on hair before combing with a wide-tooth comb.

-Try to cut down on blow drying time. Let hair dry naturally a few days per week to preserve moisture levels.

-To control summer frizz, apply Silkening oil treatment to damp air before blow drying.

-Instead of grabbing a towel when done showering, grab an old cotton t-shirt to decrease the frizz.

-Hair dries out in the summer so be sure to have your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks and schedule a professional Summer Hair Revitalizer Treatment with your stylist to help prevent split ends.

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